In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew talk about their experiences with Vampire the Requiem, and talk about some of the design decisions that went into it.

  • We totally plan these episodes (not really)
  • We each talk about our experience with Requiem
  • The differences between Masquerade and Requiem, and between first and second edition
  • The social dynamics of Requiem
  • Planescape and the X/Y/Z axis
  • The science of number of choices
  • Eddy gets academic, but it doesn't last
  • Dixie talks about how second edition mechanics makes you feel like you're struggling to not be a monster
  • The focus on relationships, and ghouls in particular
  • Breaking points
  • The role of noir and the detective tradition in Requiem
  • 19-2, the Wire, and the influence of police drama
  • Matthew breaks down the power design, and how it avoids redundancy
  • Eddy asks Matthew and Dixie what their favorite clan and covenant combinations

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