In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew talk about the value and difficulties in using established metaplot in tabletop RPGs.

  • Timothy Dalton and James Bond Jr were the best James Bonds
  • What is metaplot?
  • Dixie's Vampire games
  • Matthew talks about Transylvania Chronicles and too much metaplot
  • Writing on a metaplot-heavy property, and how Exalted Essence deals with that
  • Day Zero vs metaplot
  • Players who love to delve into setting and metaplot
  • "It happens no matter what" vs "it only matters when you interact with it"
  • How historically accurate should you be?
  • Example: Star Wars and Star Trek games
  • Talk in advance and set expectations
  • Explicitly changing things
  • GM's Day Sale, a Poe mashup, and Duke Rollo
  • INSERT: We're doing another five minute pitch episode!


Transylvania Chronicles

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