In which Eddy and Dixie interview Josh about his work with Onyx Path and High Level Games, focusing on his Reach-Out Roleplaying Games project.

  • Eddy's eating Switch cartridges
  • Dixie's Pet Peeve Corner!
  • Matthew also has peeves
  • How Josh got involved with RPG design/Onyx Path
  • A bit of Josh's history
  • Reach-Out Role-Playing Games
  • Gaming as conflict resolution and peacebuilding
  • An example of Josh's work
  • An example from Eddy!
  • Playing as or with people from other cultures
  • More on RORPG
  • Diversity in tabletop
  • Modules for RORPG
  • Bringing RORPG to people who aren't gamers
  • A bit on backlash
  • And a bit on allyship
  • Matthew feels entitled
  • We talk about Nintendo Switch, unsurprisingly
  • Dixie's mad about the Animal Crossing Switch
  • Then we talk about modding systems; nothing is on topic after this


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James Mendez Hodes' website:
White Fragility:
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