In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew play around on Podbean's new live show feature, and take calls from freelancers and fans!

  • Dixie and Matthew are indignant as Eddy claims to be the sole host
  • We talk about our test run episode
  • Dixie talks a bit about Exalted, and some other projects she's working on
  • Mummy the Curse will be our next Kickstarter!
  • Matthew talks about V5 Cults of the Blood Gods
  • Eddy talks about Aberrant and Pirates of Pugmire
  • Mario Kart 8 update
  • Scion update, and Neall calls in!
  • We get gifts and PodPoints
  • Matthew answers some Mummy questions and reveals his origin story
  • Discussion about future 20th anniversary books
  • Games at Save Against Fear
  • We get more gifts! And claps!
  • Questions on Scion: Dragon
  • What kind of media would we like to see our work adapted into?
  • Questions about future Exalted books
  • Awkward Silence song
  • Rich and Mike Tomasek both call in
  • Rich talks about Legendlore
  • Super-fan Nicholas calls in and says some very nice things
  • Meghan Fitzgerald calls in
  • Matthew cuts a promo on Eddy and one more Mummy revelations
  • A new Scarred Lands show coming on Twitch
  • The live show cut off "Many Worlds One Pathcast," but we have some pre-show nonsense after the outro


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