In which Matthew and Eddy record their thoughts while at the UK Games Expo!


  • Eddy isn't here, but Dixie held things together
  • We had a large crew at UK Games Expo, nearly all of whom were previously on the Pathcast


  • Emergency dental surgery, missed flights, and luggage woes
  • Selling through Leisure Games
  • Contagion Chronicle tournament, Dystopia Rising, and Pirates of Pugmire
  • Surprise (and muffled) appearances by Klara and Burke!


  • A wild Richard Thomas!
  • Leisure Games had to go back to London for more product
  • Dystopia Rising game went well
  • Chatting with freelancers, business partners, and fans
  • Dave Brookshaw spreads rumors
  • A lovely experience so far, but an awkward ending


  • Contagion Chronicle tournament conclusion
  • Showcasing what a game feels like, not everything that's there
  • Pirates of Pugmire adventure
  • Everyone gets distracted by steam engines and Transformers
  • Final thoughts about the show


  • Matthew makes it political again
  • Dixie pretends she heard the episode
  • Prince's Gambit was a surprise hit
  • Watching conventions grow
  • Dixie got a lot done while we were out


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