In which we mostly talk about Exalted with Monica Speca!

* Finger guns! Good at audio!
* It's Monica Speca!
* How she got started with roleplaying
* How she joined Onyx Path
* Getting into Exalted via Scion and Trinity
* So much Exalted talk!
* Dixie messes up researching our guest!
* We talk a lot more about Exalted
* What are our Exalt types?
* We talk a bit about Infernals
* We're keeping Monica
* We talk about Storypath System
* Bonus Experience podcast!
* A bit more about Exalted

V20 Dark Ages:
Changeling:The Lost Second Edition:
Scion Second Edition:
Trinity Continuum:
Bonus Experience:
Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter:

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