In which Eddy and Dixie interview Chris Spivey of "Harlem Unbound" fame, and Eddy forgets that he's already worked with Chris.

  • Introducing Chris Spivey
  • We wonder how bodies die in space
  • Chris started so he could see more people like him in games
  • Digression to talk about Metatopia
  • The origin story of Harlem Unbound
  • Why Lovecraft clicks with Chris
  • Racism in the RPG industry
  • Historical research
  • Dixie forgets someone (L. S. Alexander Gumby)
  • Eddy forgets someone (Chris)
  • V5: Chicago by Night
  • Chris and Dixie at High Level Games Con
  • The ENnies
  • Updating old products
  • What can we do within the industry?
  • Scion: Masks of the Mythos
  • Matthew didn't die in space!
  • We need to be better about keeping track of our freelancer pool
  • Hearing everyone's origin story
  • Differences in regional gaming culture
  • Contagion Chronicle Kickstarter!


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