In which Matthew and Dixie talk to Joseph Carriker. Not the MMA fighter.

  • We talk about big floppy hats
  • Banter about Pirates of Pugmire and They Came from Beneath the Sea
  • Blue Rose and romantic fantasy
  • Getting flack for putting out a queer-inclusive setting
  • Mechanics should enhance play
  • White Wolf history
  • Working on Promethean first edition
  • The Green Ronin summit's food
  • Exalted
  • We're all nerds and fans of each other
  • Worldbuilding for queer content
  • Historical perspectives on marginalization
  • Matthew loses internet, but we move to Scion
  • The personalities of creative professionals
  • What Joseph's working on now
  • Forgetting stuff we've worked on
  • Scarred Lands
  • Matthew tests the waters of audiobooks


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