In which Matthew and Eddy interview Rose Bailey about her work, as well as how she got started and very old industry gossip.

* Dixie messed up

* We all love Rose's work

* How did Rose get started?

* Vampire: The Requiem

* Carmilla

* Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition

* Antagonists

* Title Changes

* More Vampire: The Requiem!

* Shoutouts to creators!

* Requiem fiction

* Cavaliers of Mars and its inspirations

* A Cavaliers (and other games) adventure seed!

* Other inspiration

* Rose's Patreon and her personal games

* GM advice

* On Nobody's Side & an anecdote

* Matthew gets personal

* Who are Rose's personal inspirations?

* On having people's backs

* Pugmire/Cavaliers?

* Changeling: The Lost Second Edition

* Dangerous to Go Alone!

* Rose makes an announcement!

Rose's Patreon: 
Rose's Twitter: 
Rose's DTRPG page: 
Cavaliers of Mars: 
On Nobody's Side: 
Beautiful Anomalies: 
Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition: 
They Came from Beneath the Sea! trailer: 

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