In which Dixie and Matthew interview Dave Brookshaw about all things Mage the Awakening.

* We can hear each other! Hooray!
* A little talk about the Chicago by Night Kickstarter
* Shout-out to "Mirthful" Mike Chaney
* Mage: The Awakening is Adamantine level on DriveThruRPG!
* Dave got into RPGs through choose-your-own-adventure books
* His relationship with Mage the Ascension
* Generations of freelancers
* Dave has worked on (just about) every Chronicles of Darkness game
* Taking over Mage the Awakening
* Why Mage?
* References, both real and fictional
* Talking Signs of Sorcery and Night Horrors
* #jerkassacanthus
* What gets left out of the books
* A bit about Tome of the Pentacle
* A bit about Fallen World
* A bit about Deviant: The Renegades
* Dave's nicknames
* Matthew had to drop out, so that's why he's a bit quiet
* Sticking to one line
* Accents
* Eddy takes a moment to talk about audio quality for convention episodes
* PAX Unplugged! Dragonmeet! Midwinter!

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