In which Eddy and Dixie talk with Jason Carl about Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, L.A. by Night, and what got him here.
(Note: Jason's audio wasn't amazing for this episode, and there are a couple of gaps in the audio. We tried to normalize it; our apologies.)

* Predictive text converstations
* Jason's history with RPGs
* His work with Wizards of the Coast
* Magic: The Gathering organized play
* WotC and TSR
* How Jason got involved with White Wolf
* Advice for writing RPGs
* Streaming and Geek & Sundry
* On players surprising you
* The nature of fun
* We love Matthew
* Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
* Connecting with Vampire fans
* L.A. by Night
* Chicago by Night, Camarilla, and Anarchs
* Obligatory Bloodlines references!
* Jason's plans for the future
* Mission statements
* L.A. by day
* Another love fest!
* We talk about getting known for A Thing
* Dixie ruins everything
* Halloween!
* Stay tuned after the credits

Jason Carl: 
Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition: 
L.A. by Night: 

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