In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew invite Rich to the episode to celebrate ten years of Onyx Path, reminisce about old victories, and grow anticipation for upcoming triumphs!

• Recapping the Killer Bees
• Why Queen Elizabeth II has two birthdays
• Is the Queen actually dead?
• A naked interruption!
• Why and how did Onyx Path start? (the truncated version)
• The clash of licensed properties (WoD, CofD, Exalted, etc.) and owned properties (Scion, Trinity, They Came From, etc.)
• Changes we've made to books at Paradox's behest
• Pugmire: our first original IP!
• Expanding the Trinity Continuum
• The lockdown toll and how well (or poorly) we've coped
• They Came From's expanding possibilities
• Working with the MST3K team!
• Massive sales coming up this year - this month Dystopia Rising: Evolution will be reduced to 10% of its cost!
• Onyx Path Virtual Gaming Convention coming June 2022
• Plans for the Pathcast
• Innovative rules systems we create for our games
• Dixie's, Eddy's, and Matthew's highlights of the last ten years
• Calling all media creators!


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