In which a very special guest host arrives to answer listener questions!

• Any more Wraith 20 content for us restless hopefuls?
• Will there ever be miniatures released for the Scarred Lands campaign setting?
• Neall: Naughty or Nice?
• What Aera in Trinity Continuum would you like to see next? (Not necessarily existing ones, but just ones you'd like to see.)
• I was a good Garou this year. Will Gaia leave me a nice present in my caern?
• How do you stay motivated to keep writing a project? The beginning and end seem very clear but the middle is pretty tough to trudge through. 
• If you were to create They Came From The Silent Screen!, how would you handle characters who can be seen but not heard talking?
• If you could set a Storypath game in any existing fictional setting or licensed property, which would it be, and why do you think Storypath is a good fit for it? (Not looking for "what licences OP might chase" - imagine this is for your home games)
• Is it true Matthew gained his writing prowess by being bitten by a radioactive fountain pen?
• What genre (romance, mystery, fantasy, etc.) do you feel is underrepresented in the TTRPG industry?
• Beauty and the Beast....what fresh scenario ideas can you come up with based on that classic story, extra points if you can think of ones for multiple different CoD lines... 
• Can I be let out of this box?
• Could Onyx Path kickstart their own version of DND Beyond? I love having all of my rules and features sorted and easy to find at the table. 
• What is something new you would like to see happen in 2022?
• Dear unspecific holiday entity. Which being from opp owned game or license game are you (example true bruja, devient, Nova)
• Which fictional holiday (from one of the OPP games or another) would you like to attend and why?
• Will there ever be a V20 actual play on this channel?
• Will there be a sequel to Beckett's Jyhad Diary?
• Would Santa be able to kick Odin ass in a death match to decide who is the best old man?
• If you each say Praise Set on air, I'll make a donation to a charity of your choice.
• Tell me the story of your first ttrpg session!
• When it comes to licensed books like your World/Chronicles of Darkness stuff, does the initial idea typically come from you or from the IP owner? 


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