In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew provide the best damn GMing tips this side of October!

* Wrapping your head around a flat Earth, the Discworld RPG, and 1990s conspiracy theories
* When the GM sets an uninviting task / asking the players to just roll with it
* Asking players what they enjoyed about the recent game
* Building mysteries around player expectations
* Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective successes and failures
* The highs and lows of Horror on the Orient Express
* Is every RPG scenario a mystery?
* Is Storypath a GM-serving system?
* The difficulty of writing interactive adventures
* We discuss Descent into Avernus
* Back to the Orient Express
* Eddy's recollections of the Midway City RPG
* How to run and play nihilistic games such as ALIEN, Camp Murder Lake!, Ten Candles, Dread, Dead of Night...
* The Dark Fate Flaw and how to use it
* Safety checks and guidelines
* Adding obvious antagonists like Balthazar in Chicago by Night
* Handling bigoted characters
* We barely touch (but do recommend) Conspiracy X
* We recommend the best games for mystery roleplay


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