In which Eddy, Matthew, and Dixie dive deep into the Deathless experience!

* Faxanadu bugs! The f- you say?
* Starting on Ataris and Commodores and moving to the NES
* The pains and pleasures of nostalgia in video games and TTRPGs
* Playing different timelines in Mummy: The Curse
* Some of Mummy: The Curse 1st Edition's Strengths and Weaknesses
* Affecting the passage of time in Mummy
* Carrying modern Skills to historic eras
* Expanding the range of playable characters to immortals and sorcerers
* The size of Chronicles of Darkness core books and the volume of information within them
* Design choices for Mummy (what to include and what to exclude)
* Making Mummy accessible
* Reimagining games like Trinity and supplements as bug fixes
* Slimming Mummy and other Chronicles of Darkness games down
* Media inspirations for Mummy
* Does Mummy have a metaplot?
* Memory issues (and forgetting to add things to the core book)
* Changing course on powers (Utterances and Affinities) during the Kickstarter
* Arms of Ahriman controversy!
* Presenting pulpy 1920 adventures next to stories of personal horror
* Pyramid level play
* Werewolf on Kickstarter!
* The godawful goddamn movie named Moonbound


* Should Old Games Be Fixed?:
* Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition:
* Promethean: The Created 2nd Edition:
* Wraith: The Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition:
* Exalted: Essence:
* W20 Apocalyptic Record Kickstarter:
* Onyx Path YouTube:
* Onyx Path Twitch:
* Onyx Path Discord:

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