In which Eddy talks with the core of Eschaton Media about Dystopia Rising: Evolution

* Matthew is out this week. Probably self-reflecting.

* Ashley Zdeb and Michael Pucci of Eschaton Media

* Eddy admits to an error in the Kickstarter

* The history of Dystopia Rising

* Trying to do creative work while holding another job

* The merging of tabletop and LARP canon

* The shifting focus of rules over the past decade

* How Eddy and Onyx Path came into the picture

* Faithful licensing vs "throw it all away if you want"

* Disability as post-apocalypse trope

* The struggles of introducing inclusivity over the past decade

* The push and pull of abstracted social tension vs community building

* Games that work on two levels at the same time

* Passionate LARP fanbases

* New LARP system and the three year jump

* The switch from 20+ Strains to 8 Lineages

* Changes to resurrection

* It's (emotionally) hard to change things

* Sometimes we'll make mistakes

* Dixie talks about her experience about Dragon Con

* Eddy works in a wrestling AND Sailor Moon reference (but it's Xavier Woods, so that's pretty easy)


* George Romero:

* Dystopia Rising Kickstarter: 

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