In which Matthew and Dixie takes turns interviewing Eddy about Dystopia Rising: Evolution.

* Kickstarter:

* Matthew has to leave, so he'll start off as host, but Dixie will take over halfway through

* How did Onyx Path come to be developing Dystopia Rising

* We (EVENTUALLY) talk about the elevator pitch for DR:E

* A focus on emotional connections

* What new and established Onyx Path players can get from DR:E

* Economy as told through story rather than logistics

* Zed, Raiders, and animals, oh my! The thrilling antagonists

* Dixie loves Borderlands 2 and has taken over as host!

* The importance of calling out asperational characters in tabletop games

* New Strains! But instead let's talk about the new approach to Strains

* (Slight mechanical bump -- we got all the audio, but Dixie and Eddy couldn't hear each other for a moment.)

* Is DR:E global? No, but Eddy has ideas on that front, too.

* Different post-apocalyptic genres

* The loss of original culture as a story element and a source of metahumor, and how it compares and contrasts with Pugmire

* Oral tradition and the Telling Visionaries

* How is missing information addressed in canon?

* Eddy talks a bit about diversity inclusion in DR:E

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