In which Eddy and Matthew discuss (in reverse order) our thoughts on the evolution of crowdfunding, the recent Sabbat book announcement, and Trinity Continuum: Anima!

* Meetings are the mind-killer.
* Feedback on the Anima design diary.
* Playing and writing to or against expectations.
* The V5 Sabbat announcement from Paradox.
* The Sabbat as antagonists?
* When crowdfunding started in earnest, and the ways in which it has changed.
* Is crowdfunding begging for money?
* Early bird offers, physical stretch goals, additional page count as rewards, etc.
* What's the economy behind stretch goals?
* The curve of sales via crowdfunding.
* Exalted: Essence is currently on Kickstarter!
* Open development vs. manuscript releases vs. errata.


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