In which Eddy and Dixie have an EPIC conversation with Monica Speca and Neall Raemonn Price about Exalted Essence!

  • ... we ARE talking about Exalted Essence, right? Or was it lunch?
  • What is Exalted Essence?
  • Do you need Exalted 3rd Ed?
  • Streamlined setting and how huge Creation is.
  • What are the rules like?
  • The "Graduate Your Game" ad campaign from 2008.
  • Challenging assumptions, such as charm design.
  • Charm modes and power differential.
  • Mixed groups.
  • All ten Exalt types.
  • How anima works.
  • How does combat work?
  • Building Power.
  • New caste marks.
  • How virtues work.
  • Inspirational media.


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