In which the Terrible Trio talk about their Gen Con experience

* Since our normal recording solution was acting wonky, we switched to Skype. As a result, Eddy is a bit quiet in parts.

* Playing (and running) demos at the show

* They Came from Beneath the Sea demos (also, obligatory wrestling reference)

* Pugmire demos and lizard society

* More about Pirates of Pugmire

* Dixie asks a burning question about bird arms

* Demigod and more about Scion

* More about Mummy the Curse 2e

* Updates on other Chronicles of Darkness games

* More about M20 Victorian Mage

* More about Chicago by Night (and Vampire Fifth Edition overall)

* We talk about Dixie's love of the Lasombra

* More about Dystopia Rising: Evolution

* Harry and Izzy's shrimp cocktails

* We talk about inclusion and diversity

* ENnie Award Ceremony:

* Obligatory Sailor Moon reference

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