In which Eddy and Dixie interview developers Ian A. A. Watson and Chris Allen about Victorian Mage, currently funded on Indiegogo!

* What is this book called?
* How do you fit so much into one book??
* We had to address colonialism and imperialism, obviously.
* Chris is the history guy and Ian is the Mage guy!
* Why is Ian here, anyway?
* What's Chris' Mage history?
* A bit on the process of diluting Mage lore into one book
* How they picked what historical events to include
* Some more on imperialism
* Mage history that had to go in!
* Mimes?
* More historical tidbits!
* How does magick work differently in the Victorian era?
* Indiegogo!
* A hostile takeover!
* RichCon
* Spoilers for M20 Victorian!
* Everything goes horribly wrong at the end.


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