In which Dixie and Eddy interview Gehenna Gaming's Rick Wheeler regarding Virtual Horror Con 2021!

* Is the guest a man or a boy?
* The future of conventions, panels, and actual plays
* Blood-Dimmed Tides!
* Forgetting and organising content, and the Red Opera RPG
* Cutting the weakest link from the Pathcast :(
* Eddy was plagiarized by a dog shelter!
* 25 minutes in, Eddy starts the interview...
* Who are Gehenna Gaming and what do they do?
* Participating in the RPG industry as an enthusiastic audience as well as being professionals
* Getting more people into roleplaying
* The benefits of a happier, healthier industry
* Promoting diversity in roleplaying
* Writing one-shots and how to compress a gaming experience into a single session
* Horror games don't need to be horrible
* The fun of scheduling gaming conventions
* Is Rick a Malkavian or a Setite?
* Legendlore is awesome


* Gehenna Gaming:
* Virtual Horror Con 2021:
* Blood-Dimmed Tides:
* The Red Opera RPG:
* Legendlore:
* Rick's Twitter:
* Gehenna Gaming's Twitter:
* Onyx Path YouTube:
* Onyx Path Twitch:
* Onyx Path Discord:

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