In which the trio talks about video and tabletop games they've been playing recently!

* A note on digressions and improv
* Crusader Kings 3
* Matthew gets mad about tutorials
* The Great Ace Attorney
* Game Center CX2
* Among Us
* Hades (I've made it out several times since we recorded this.)
* Wildermyth
* Pendragon
* A bit on gender biases in games
* What Eddy's been playing
* Can you watch us play games somewhere? 
* We talk a bit about Dixie's home V5 game
* Final thoughts


Crusader Kings 3:
Hearts of Iron 4:
Great Ace Attorney:
Game Center CX2:
Among Us:
Blood Bowl:
Sentinels of the Multiverse:
Rick and Morty D&D:
Forgotten Realms:
Alien RPG:
Broken Rooms:
They Came from Beneath the Sea!:
Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition:
Ghost Hunters Kickstarter:
Onyx Path YouTube:
Onyx Path Twitch:
Onyx Path Discord:

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