In which the crew interviews Rai W. Cole and Monica Speca from the Bonus Experience podcast!

* The origin of "Nello" and video-game translations
* A bit on typos and iWizards
* We have guests? We have guests!
* Monica and Rai introduce Bonus Experience
* Where did their podcast come from?
* Motivated by spite
* How Rai got into the RPG industry!
* A bit on setting and why we like what we do
* We meet Bruce the puppy
* Upcoming projects for Rai!
* Cheeky Nando's Tangent
* What is Monica working on aside from Nando's?
* Where should you start with Bonus Experience?
* Some things on language
* Dixie asks a terrible question and later has to backtrack
* Things get chaotic
* Dixie asks a better question


Bonus Experience:
The Systematic Understanding of Everything:
Through the Breach/Malifaux:
Monster Care Squad:
Scion: Demigod Kickstarter:
Onyx Path YouTube:
Onyx Path Twitch:
Onyx Path Discord:

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