In which the trio talks about online gaming in various forms.

* We're going to talk about online gaming!
* Alice is Missing
* ViewScream and the Ripper FMV
* Koldunic sorcery egregiously bad?
* 12 minutes in, Eddy is on topic
* Matthew was a Moderator
* A bit on our usage of Roll20 and Astral
* Some talk about chat-based roleplay
* New Bremen!
* We reminisce about early days of computing
* The olden days of scrambled pornography
* Audio- and video-based roleplaying
* Performing a game, versus playing
* Discord gaming
* Onyx Path Con

A Note: During the podcast, Eddy says the Pugmire Kickstarter was in 2017, which leads to some timeline confusion. It was actually finished in March 2016! Time is, however, a flat circle right now so we forgive Eddy this error.


Alice is Missing:
Ripper Wired Story:
Gehenna Gaming:
Onyx Path YouTube:
Onyx Path Twitch:
Onyx Path Discord:

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