In which we put all of our Scion actual plays thus far into one giant file for easy catching up!

* Everything is a bit meh, but Technocracy Reloaded is doing well!
* A segue!
* Pirates of Pugmire backer PDF is out!
* A bit about Pirates of Pugmire and tone in writing
* We chat about They Came from Beyond the Grave!
* We talk drinking?
* We talk about...Gloomhaven?
Character Creation Episode
* A brief history of Scion
* Matthew is the Storyguide, Dixie and Eddy are playing
* We'll be posting the first game session somewhere
* Setting: Miami, Florida
* Character concepts
* Deeds: short, long, and Band
* Storyguide advice: How to make sure characters work together
* Choosing divine parents and pantheons
* Oh, and character names
* Origin, Role, and Pantheon Paths
* Skills and what Skills actually mean
* How Storypath makes competant characters
* Attributes and Approaches
* Callings and Knacks
* Eddy missed a step
* Tweaks and Connections
* Future pantheons
Session One
* Scion: Origin Actual Play
Session Two
* Scion: Origin Actual Play
Session Three
* Scion: Origin Actual Play
Session Four
* Fay and Kian
* Meeting with the daughter of Poseidon
* Learning about the Tattoo Lizards
* Setting up a meeting


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