In which Eddy and Dixie (and Matthew, we guess?) finish up the holiday content with a PAX Unplugged interview with voiceover artist, Paizo and Onyx Path writer, and marketing mastermind Jacob Burgess.

  • Is Matthew feeling okay?
  • Warning: This interview is more rambly than usual.
  • PAX Unplugged vs video game conventions
  • Running and playing demos
  • Bridging the tabletop and video game industries
  • We are the best at prime audio content
  • Being a fan of one thing over another
  • What Jacob owes to the World of Darkness
  • Feeling betrayed by the release of Vampire: The Requiem
  • V20 felt like coming home
  • Contributing to the continuity
  • Catharsis and hope in the World of Darkness
  • Writing as service
  • Wrestling reference!
  • Knowing someone but meeting them for the first time
  • We talk about profanity!
  • They Came from Beneath the Sea!
  • Midwinter!
  • Thanks to all of you for supporting the Pathcast
  • Matthew's secret revealed after the music


It's the Onyx Pathcast Holiday Special! We talk about anything we want this time around. Also there's a bonus interview with Crystal Mazur at the end; don't miss it!

  • We immediately go off the rails
  • We talk about our traditions
  • And then we talk about New Year's plans!
  • Ruminations on the nature of needing to get out of the house/freelancing
  • Christmas music talk!
  • Matthew did a 180 on Muse
  • They Came from beneath the Sea! is on Kickstarter
  • Things we want from 2019


In which the trio talk to and about Vampire: The Masquerade developer Justin Achilli. And whiskey.

* White Wolf war stories
* Maybe we'll do some recording at Midwinter?
* A little discussion of the Rage CCG
* Clowns and art notes
* A little discussion of the historical lines
* Vampire: The Masquerade Revised
* Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition
* Nostalgia of broken mechanics
* There's no manual
* Vampire: The Requiem
* The World of Darkness MMO
* Fans as collaborators at the table
* The V20 design process
* Justin's Ubisoft career
* Werewolves Within and social spaces in VR
* Star Trek: Bridge Crew and adapting existing social dynamics
* Prince's Gambit
* Out-of-character mechanics blurring in-character (for example EVE Online)
* Working on something Justin completely owns
* The trio talk about whiskey
* The punishing production schedule of White Wolf back in the 90s
* Vampire: The Masquerade is JUST like Doctor Who (not really)
* Dixie has an excellent segue that would have been perfect
* They Came from Beneath the Sea Kickstarter!

* Rage CCG: 
* Vampire: The Masquerade -- 20th Anniversary Edition: 
* Vampire: The Requiem (First Edition): 
* Werewolves Within: 
* Star Trek Bridge Crew: 
* Prince's Gambit: 
* Game of Thrones whiskey: 
* They Came from Beneath the Sea!: 

In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew tell you about their characters.

* Eddy kicks off talking about the characters in Chill Third Edition
* What games have really striking and representational characters?
* Vampire the Masquerade had a very diverse (if occasionally problematic) base of characters
* Cyberpunk games like Shadowrun and Eclipse Phase
* The pros and cons of playing characters not like yourself
* The demographics of V5 Chicago by Night
* The design goals of iconic and signature characters
* What kinds of characters do we prefer to play?
* Dixie talks about her D&D halfling
* Matthew talks about his Shadowrun elf
* Eddy talks about his D&D half-elf
* Characters with families
* What characters were helpful to work something personal out?
* Matthew learned as a GM from an awkward Pathfinder game
* Characters as a metaphor for real-world concerns
* What character concepts would we love to play?


Chill Third Edition:


Eclipse Phase: 

Chicago by Night Kickstarter: 

Dungeons & Dragons: 

Werewolf the Apocalypse: 

Werewolf the Forsaken: 

They Came From Beneath The Sea!: 

In which Matthew and Eddy interview Rose Bailey about her work, as well as how she got started and very old industry gossip.

* Dixie messed up

* We all love Rose's work

* How did Rose get started?

* Vampire: The Requiem

* Carmilla

* Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition

* Antagonists

* Title Changes

* More Vampire: The Requiem!

* Shoutouts to creators!

* Requiem fiction

* Cavaliers of Mars and its inspirations

* A Cavaliers (and other games) adventure seed!

* Other inspiration

* Rose's Patreon and her personal games

* GM advice

* On Nobody's Side & an anecdote

* Matthew gets personal

* Who are Rose's personal inspirations?

* On having people's backs

* Pugmire/Cavaliers?

* Changeling: The Lost Second Edition

* Dangerous to Go Alone!

* Rose makes an announcement!

Rose's Patreon: 
Rose's Twitter: 
Rose's DTRPG page: 
Cavaliers of Mars: 
On Nobody's Side: 
Beautiful Anomalies: 
Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition: 
They Came from Beneath the Sea! trailer: 

In which Dixie and Eddy make characters for Matthew's Scion: Origin chronicle.

* Dixie found some first edition Aberrant stuff
* Awkward silence song!
* But first, some banter (if you want to jump to character creation, it starts around 19:30)
* We talk about… clothing?
* Matthew is a Watchmen hipster
* How cosplay can make you feel powerful
* A brief history of Scion
* Matthew is the Storyguide, Dixie and Eddy are playing
* We'll be posting the first game session somewhere
* Setting: Miami, Florida
* Character concepts
* Deeds: short, long, and Band
* Storyguide advice: How to make sure characters work together
* Choosing divine parents and pantheons
* Oh, and character names
* Origin, Role, and Pantheon Paths
* Skills and what Skills actually mean
* How Storypath makes competant characters
* Attributes and Approaches
* Callings and Knacks
* Eddy missed a step
* Tweaks and Connections
* Future pantheons

* Work from Home Article: 
* Scion Preorder: 

In which Dixie interviews Jacqueline Bryk about her work, as well as safety rules and methods in RPGs and LARPs, via several rude interruptions by Dixie's roommate's cat.

* Matthew's weird voice
* We realize we've all worked on Kult
* Throwing Neall into the sea
* Meet Jax!
* Her early involvement with safety rules
* "Fun" versus "enjoyment"
* Bad cat interruption #1
* "My Jam"
* More on safety rules
* Ways of checking in
* "Session Zero"
* Jacob gets called out
* Bluebeard's Bride
* Bad cat interruption #2
* More Bluebeard's Bride
* "Making players cry"
* Changeling: The Lost
* A bit of Jax' history
* Bad cat interruption #3 + a peek behind the curtain
* More Jax history!
* A bit about Jenna Moran and Forest Witches in Exalted
* Jax' current projects
* "Sanity" in games and...CthulhuTech?
* On problematic language
* Personal experience and growth
* You're allowed to mess up
* You're allowed to leave the table
* Honobono games
* Bad cat interruption #4 as we wrap up
* Outro: We continue talking about Bebop
* Kult: Taroticum and Other Tales
* Freelancer day jobs
* More "Bluebeard's Bride"
* Chicago by Night Kickstarter is almost over!
* YouTube need an audio-only app
* Eddy touches on the "entertainment vs fun" thread
* Sidebar about Word documents vs layout
* Content coming on YouTube and Twitch!
* Fun technological problems after the outro

After the War Kickstarter: 
Jacqueline Bryk on DriveThruRPG: 
My Jam on Kickstarter: 
The Panalysts: 
Bluebeard's Bride: 
Changeling: The Lost: 
KULT: Divinity Lost: 
Taroticum and Other Tales: 
Golden Sky Stories: 
Stardew Valley: 
Jax on Twitter: 
Chicago by Night Kickstarter: 
Chicago by Night Q&A: 
VtM25 Podcast Interview: 
Onyx Path YouTube: 
Onyx Path Instagram: 

In which Dixie, Eddy, and Matthew do a deep dive into the Storypath system that Onyx Path uses for Scion, Trinity, They Came from Beneath the Sea!, and Dytopia Rising: Evolution.

* Newscaster voices!
* Storypath system primer/basics of the mechanics
* Various systems Storypath does well
* Skill + Attribute
* Arena + Approach
* Storypath is structured like media!
* A bit about failures being interesting
* Dramatic editing and Trinity's structure
* Momentum and Scion
* Integrating mechanics into setting
* More about failing before you succeed
* Dixie makes a WoW connection!
* Wading deeper in the Momentum pool
* The "Paths" of Storypath
* On...Trademarks? Props? in TCfBtS!
* More on Momentum, Conditions. and Flaws
* Dice rolling in Storypath, Enhancements, and Complications
* System flexibility
* Scale in Storypath
* A tangent!
* You don't have to memorize the rules to run a game
* Power levels in Storypath
* Getting meta with TCfBtS!
* Trinity's...continuum
* Our personal favorite Storypath games
* Another stinger brought to you by us goofing off before recording!

Trinity Continuum: 
Trinity Preorders: 
Scion Preorders: 
Dystopia Rising: Evolution: 
Dystopia Rising: Evolution Preorders: 
They Came from Beneath the Sea!: 
Chicago by Night Kickstarter: 

In which Dixie and Matthew interview Dave Brookshaw about all things Mage the Awakening.

* We can hear each other! Hooray!
* A little talk about the Chicago by Night Kickstarter
* Shout-out to "Mirthful" Mike Chaney
* Mage: The Awakening is Adamantine level on DriveThruRPG!
* Dave got into RPGs through choose-your-own-adventure books
* His relationship with Mage the Ascension
* Generations of freelancers
* Dave has worked on (just about) every Chronicles of Darkness game
* Taking over Mage the Awakening
* Why Mage?
* References, both real and fictional
* Talking Signs of Sorcery and Night Horrors
* #jerkassacanthus
* What gets left out of the books
* A bit about Tome of the Pentacle
* A bit about Fallen World
* A bit about Deviant: The Renegades
* Dave's nicknames
* Matthew had to drop out, so that's why he's a bit quiet
* Sticking to one line
* Accents
* Eddy takes a moment to talk about audio quality for convention episodes
* PAX Unplugged! Dragonmeet! Midwinter!

In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy discuss what games they'd love to work on, and the struggles of making such games.

* Starting off with awkward silence!
* We're all Rich's children, according to Matthew
* Eddy talks about genre for a while, and Dixie zones out
* The struggle of making a Sherlock Holmes game
* Dixie talks about Saga, Charlotte Bronte, and Kushiel's Dart
* The Blue Rose RPG!
* Matthew talks about Dickens, Fatale, and Transmetropolitan
* Musing on Scion: God, Dies the Fire, and Broken Runes
* Dixie talks about ElfQuest, She-Ra, and Battle Royale
* Eddy talks about Killer, John Wick, and Space Rat (although he forgot the name at the time)
* "Downton Abbey" LARPs
* Dixie is looking for more to read
* Video games: Ace Attorney, Fallout, Borderlands, BioShock, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda
* Quick Fire: What are the biggest dream projects we DID get to work on?
* Matthew is scary!

Some Links:
* Boyfriend Dungeon: 
* Hatoful Boyfriend: 
* James Bond 007 RPG: 
* Doctor Who RPG: 
* Saga: 
* Jane Austen MMO: 
* Kushiel's Dart: 
* Blue Rose: 
* Dickensian: 
* Fatale: 
* Transmetropolitan: 
* Dies the Fire: 
* ElfQuest: 
* She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: 
* Battle Royale: 
* Killer: 
* John Wick (movie series): 
* Space Rat: 
* Ace Attorney series: 
* Fallout series: 
* Borderlands series: 
* BioShock series: 
* Metroid series: 

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