In which the trio is joined by Danielle Lauzon to talk about Spilled Blood for Vampire: The Requiem, among other things.

* A bit of off-topic banter
* We talk about COVID-19 and some politics/economics; skip from 6:30 to 11:00 if you're not interested
* Some chat about sensitively playing disease as a threat in Vampire
* Disease in gaming talk, including some real-world examples, takes us to 24:15 or so
* We finally get around to Spilled Blood!
* Why Danielle put in ten new bloodlines
* Explaining the Parliamentarians and the Penumbrae
* Some chatting about lost clans
* Weirder antagonists, like amaranthine cats and blood worms
* Playable options! Twice-Cursed! Belial's Brood!
* Matthew forces Danielle to make A Choice
* Eddy reminds us to talk about vampire mermaids


Spilled Blood:
Thousand Years of Night:
Guide to the Night:
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