In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew talk about the upcoming second edition of the Chronicle of Darkness game Mummy: The Curse.

  • Diving puns!
  • High-level pitch
  • What is Du'at?
  • Time travel! Kind of.
  • Impactful is a word, despite what Matthew thinks
  • Cults: How do they work?
  • Other immortals
  • Cool powers!
  • "Mummy the Curse is about looking at your fridge forever"
  • The ticking clock
  • If you're watching the Red Moon Roleplaying game of Mummy the Curse, SPOILERS FROM 40:00 TO 42:15!
  • The Judges
  • Doctor Doom toots when he pleases!
  • Where Dixie and Matthew screwed up on Mummy


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